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The Journey
From the Finite to the Infinite:
The Initiation of Master Timothy

The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight:
Revised and Updated : The Fate of the World
and What We Can Do Before It's Too Late

by Thom Hartmann, Neale Donald Walsch
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Good introductions to Gnosticism and Gnostic writings.

The Gnostic

by Willis Barnestone
and Marvin Meyer

A new collection
of gnostic writings

The Gnostic

by Elaine Pagels
A history of the
early church and
gnostic influences

The Gnostic
by Hans Jonas

A foundational history
and a classic


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The Closing of the Western Mind : The Rise of Faith and the Fall of Reason by Charles Freeman
A very worthy read: While addressing the roles of the Platonic, Neo-Platonic and Aristotelian initial influences in the formation of Christian doctrine and their sublimation, this book also ties together significant historical events from the time of Ancient Greece through the year 500AD to prove that the Christianity as practiced today is ultimately a Christianity formed outside of the parameters intended by Christ.